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Cat Stairs for Tables

When Nyami-chan got old, her legs became weak.

She could no longer get on the sofa.

"Nyami, are you going to get on the sofa?"


I put cardboard as a stepping stone.

I didn't have anything suitable.

"Hmm, it's still a bit high."


It seems that you can buy stairs for old dogs and cats online.

"Thank you for giving me such a nice thing."


If there are stairs for beds, Old dogs and cats can come and go freely.

"It's burned out, it's all white..."

"It's my turn."


When eating with the cat at the table, a small chair was active for the cat,

(A cat who wants to eat with humans and wants to check the contents of the plates)


When Bunji got old, he couldn't ride it either. "I'm a bit overwhelmed by this recently."


There was a person who made a nice cat staircase and sold it online. With this, cats can freely go on the table.

"What's for lunch today?" (Kiichi Nakai)


However, I think that the 20 cm step might be a bit too big for senior cats, so maybe it would be nice to have a lower step. "I'm definitely going to check it out their lunch."


This time, the iPad's coloring function was bugged, so I couldn't color it well, so I tried to cover it up with an airbrush. It looks like sweets from Kyoto, right? Hehe (← forcibly)



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