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I played the bass guitar in the rock band club.

I lent it to my friend, but where is it now?


When I was in college, I played the bass in the rock band club. 


i bought a cream-colored Fender Jazz Bass,when i was a junior in college


I didn't have band experience until then, and I used to play the classical piano in the practice room by myself, so I longed to play music with someone.



14-year-old me playing Schumann in a soundproof room with no friends with the same hobby

some rock band


In June, right after I entered school, I went to Ochanomizu to buy a bass guitar. I didn't know anything about instruments for rock bands, and I didn't have any college friends yet, so I asked my high school classmates to come with me.


Discover Ochanomizu: Tokyo’s musical instrument paradise!
Until the summer vacation, we gathered two or three times as one of the few high school groups in Tokyo. (My hometown is Sapporo)


oh that's cute

That’s the one.

A caring guy who later became an elementary school teacher→

He seemed to be troublesome, but his advice was accurate.


I bought a used Yamaha blue bass.

In this way, I had taken the first step to become a rock band club member that I longed for.


It was about 20,000 yen

I got an amp for free.