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Cat butt patting machine

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猫の腰をポンポンするマッサージ器が欲しい。 - ネコヤマンガ


Bunji loved butt patting.


"You still need it? Isn’t that enough?"

"No, not yet."

It was hard because I was asked to "butt patting" all the time.

Hey, I’ve been telling you to do it again and again ! You ignore my serious request!?

Strong eyes that try to convey his will 

Appealing his ass

The tail expressing annoyances

Eh, I did it twice today, I'm already tired.

Therefore, I thought it would be nice if there was a "Cat Butt Patting Machine". A fully automatic cat massager,

When the cat gets on, the sensor will sense and the switch will turn on.

Please someone invent it...

It's a massage chair for cats.

He’s addicted to it.