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(Old tale) "My older sister started to keep a black cat" part 4




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Yet he managed to spend half a year there...

(A stray cat who fell in love with Bunji came to see him over the balcony. But Bunji is neuterd. One and a half years old.)

A breeze...

"I feel sorry for him alone in such a small and dim room~" (my father who came to see my sister)


After about half a year, it was summer vacation. My sister said that she would go abroad for about two weeks for company training.

"For two weeks, I will have Bunji at our parents' house. Masayo-chan, you're going back to your hometown for the summer vacation, right? Please take Bunji to Hokkaido, please." ← She Never Said That Bunji Actually Has A Peeing Habit

♪music BAD-Michael Jackson


On the way to Haneda Airport with a screaming 6kg big cat, I got entangled in a Yankee (chav) at the crowded Ikebukuro station. What a tough thing...

"What is this? Cat? Caaat?" ← This guy is also Bunji in a way

"Cat, cat. (Go away Westgate Park. Ugh, I'm sick of it...)" ← (A person who gets along with chavs and avoids unnecessary conflicts)

The roar of a mysterious creature whose identity is no longer clear↓

"Noooooan naon naon naon nao nao"



By the way, 14-year-old granny cats named Nyami-chan and Tora-chan lived in my parents' house.

"It's been quiet since the kids left the house..."


Two cats who look alike but are not related by blood.

Without knowing that peaceful days suddenly turn into hell...

"Piko-chan, cute, cuuuute" (savage budgie)








music - BAD -Michael Jackson



なにこれネコ?ネコぉ?」 コイツもある意味ブンジ










「ピコちゃん カワイカワイッ」(荒ぶるインコ)




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