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edamame pillow for summer cats

corn bunji ;

edamame pillow for summer cats


Measures against intense heat! Frozen edamame is good for ice pillows for cats!

Bunji's hair was fine and curly, so it was fluffy.

Two types of bunji hair.The inside is gray and fluffy. Occasionally long, black, thick hair. It has excellent heat retention and is good in winter, but it seems hot and hard in summer.

Once I try a summer cut, Nope! I was dismissed. high-spirited cat. He got angry when I cut it a bit.

One hot summer night, I wrapped a towel around frozen edamame and put bunji on it.

Hot... I can't...

just sit on it

He was on it for a while.

Hmm, this, nice...

Global Warming... We have to do something.



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