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(Old tale) "My older sister started to keep a black cat" part 5

My father picked me up at the airport by car.

"Nao, nao, nao, awwww’’

"Well, well, it's noisy~"

"Hes shouting all the time. It's okay, just a little more."

Please be patient."

(I just realized that my father's car is a Japanese car. excuse me...)


When I finally got home and put the carrying case at the front door, the curious Nyami-chan came right away.

"... Eh!? Wow... " She is the type to say hello to her delivery person who she doesn't know.

"Haa, I'm relieved~"

"Good work~ Oh Nyami-chan, you're amazing."

The last peaceful moment before opening the door


However, at this time, to my regret, I, who is stupid, opened the door of the carrying case right away! ( At that time, I didn't know the common sense that "new cats should be isolated in a separate room and see how they are for a few days"!)


"Oh no, wait "




Bunji immediately withdrew into a nearby toilet, causing a situation where "the other two cats are too scared to go to the toilet"!!

"Wow wow wow! What should I do!?"

Hiss!! Woooooo  ← He's been growling in the back of the toilet


"What is that beast..."


Nyami and Tora's Toilet


To be continued!!










……⁉︎ わぁ♪」知らない配達員さんに気さくに挨拶するタイプ





ところが、この時、悔やまれることに、マヌケなワタシは、キャリーケースの扉をすぐに開けてしまったのだ‼︎ 当時は、「新入りの猫は別室に隔離して、数日間 は様子を見る」という常識を知らなかったのだ‼︎









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