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Bunji loved corn

Bunji loved boiled corn.
"I love this grains, meow"
In Hokkaido dialect, corn is called tou-kibi.

When I was steaming the corn, he was very excited and meowed.
"Is that that? Isn't that that? I'll eat it too! Definitely, absolutely, please!"

At first I shared little by little while eating,
"yum, yum" greedily
( running out of mine...)

However, when I was eating, he paniced and sticked out his paw from the side.
"Give it to me quickly! Ah, my share is gone!"

The impatient Bunji  bit into the corncob body with all his might, while I was distracted.


He seemed to think that the inside of corncob was packed with grains of corn.
The imagination of cats is novel.
Perhaps because of the pain in his tusks, Bunji never bite corncob after that.

He ate so much that eventually I  bought an extra corn for bunji, too.
I'll buy another one... one for two times for him

I said, "I bought one for Bun-chan, so let's eat it later?" then, he waited smartly while corn was boiling.
 "Ah, that's it"


corn bunji ;



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