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scary story -An old hotel in Sendai vol.3



【怖い話】⓷仙台の昭和なビジネスホテル - ネコヤマンガ

It seems like employees who hides things that should never be said to customers while speaking in front of customers↘︎ 

306? 306...

Ok, Something happened in 306, alright…


Um, it's nearly full now, and there's only one room that can be used...would you like to use it? 

obviously, she was like ‘’Honestly, I don't recommend it..."

(Nooo, that room must be where the murder happened!?   Youre too easy to understand! ) I thought.


I thought hard with a hazy head. Would I rather be trapped under a crumbled wall, or sleep cursed in a haunted room ...

There was only one answer.


Yes, that room is fine.


And what I saw in that room is … !!



to be continued...

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