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Why we don't need disposable chopsticks anymore

Because we have soap and alcohol spray today. The Japanese didn't have soap until 1873, dish washing detergent until 1956. Disposables chopsticks are invented around in 1800. Tuberculosis was deadly disease until after World War II in Japan. We needed it, but we don't today.


Disposable chopsticks first appeared around 1800 in the Edo period. There was no alcohol spray or soap in those days.


Hey, these chopsticks smell sticky, did you wash them properly? ? Are you trying to make me sick! Bring me chopsticks that are never used!


Hmm. Maybe if you make "disposable chopsticks", it might sell...


Right before this man invented the disposable chopsticks, at a soba restaurant


In the Edo period, lye, rice water, rice bran, and seaweed broth were used instead of soap.

Medical care was underdeveloped, and the fatality rate from infectious diseases such as cholera and dysentery was high. At that time, disposable chopsticks were needed.


Hah... I am washing it properly with rice washing water...


You can't get rid of odors with rice rinsed water, and bacteria will grow...


Eh, Otome-chan, I made disposable chopsticks out of bamboo. Just take a look!


Soap was first sold in Japan in 1873 (Meiji 6). Dishwashing detergent was launched much later in 1956. I'll say it again and again, but in the old days, disposable chopsticks were necessary.

1873 First couple using soap

Wow! What's this! I got rid of the smell and stickiness! ︎ It's like magic!! ︎

It is said that this can be done by boiling animal fat with wood ash. Hmm, meat eaters...


Around 1800, the world population was less than 1 billion. In 2023, the world population will exceed 8 billion. Medicine has advanced, forests are disappearing, the earth is boiling, we have soap and alcohol spray.


… disposable chopsticks ? what’s that? …you need it?

I’m starving …


A polar bears on Barter Island, Alaska ( There’s no ice)







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