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Heal the trauma of DV received from cats with cats

Tora-chan was a cat who would suddenly bite my face when she didn't like something.

[Bite!] Let me go! 
Ouch, it hurts!

It was traumatic for me, and for a while I was afraid to bring my face close to cats.

(Oops, my face is close.) Keep his face away from me. (←Bunji)

After Tora-chan passed away, one day, when I cautiously brought my face closer to Bunji, my heart was pounding…←head)

"...? What?" (← Basic good guy)
"Huh? It seems to be okay..."

It took me several years before I could just bring my face close to a cat.


Tora, the violent tiger gal ;

Tora-chan was a very cute girl, but it seems that Tora-chan herself was also a victim of violence in the past... Trauma creates a chain reaction. Oppose violence. Anti-violence!!



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