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I came up with an idea again. Cat Hammock Cart!

Oh, I might have caused another revolution...! (trembling voice with excitement)

Please advertise this blog as "We have commercialized the idea of Nekoyamanga!" And give me one too! hahaha


cat hammock is very popular for cats. Japanese cat lovers would call it「ニャンモック」...

Look at this happy kitty.


I want one, for me...


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When I was a kid, whenever I was studying, Tora-chan would often sit on my lap. (Especially in the cold season.) "Oh, Tora-chan is here." "It's cold."


While I was happy, I couldnt change my position. Tora-chan was a bad girl who would bite whenever you moved your legs, so we always got into fights. "It's heavy... get off plea..." « BITE!! Don't move your lap! » "Ouch!!" "Get off now!" "Of course! ha!"


That's where I came up with this product. "Hammock cart for cats". For desk workers for people who have cats! A cart with a hanging hammock.


It's for cats who want to get on your lap whenever you are doing desk work.


With this, you can move your legs freely. You can stretch your legs, open your legs, or cross your legs!


When you want to leave your seat, simply move the cart away. "Sorry, restroom. I'll be right back." "OK."


You can also watch videos together.


So, would you like to commercialize it? Please help revolutionize beds for cats in the world! (top view)




















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