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Blindfold Cat Nail Trimming

Tora-chan with such claw life,
“Hehe, my nails are shiny❤️”
← Went to a nail salon

For her, t must be "Nail clipping" was "a despicable act by savage creatures who do not know respect for other cultures." I suppose...
"Alright,  let's cut your nails~"
(Eh!? ︎ Absolutely not! ︎ It took a lot of time to get cool! Stop it!! )

But when I blindfolded her under my sock,

← (Just the right size for cat eyes!)

It was pretty effective.

"Oh, it's quiet now. It seems that it's better if you can't see it. It's like a dentist."
"Okay, now!" clip


There are things like shampoo at a beauty salon, gynecological examinations,  things like that you don't want to see them, or you're scared of it. I thought it was the same with cats.

I respect people who can clip cat nail swiftly!







(えー⁉︎ 絶対ヤダ‼︎せっかく時間かけてカッコよくしたのに‼︎やめてーー)