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scary story -An old hotel in Sendai vol.4

【怖い話】④仙台の昭和なビジネスホテル - ネコヤマンガ

Tada! One side of the wall was a mirrored.

Yikes! This must have been a love hotel before!

The bed, oddly neatly arranged, smelled of dust. It must have been unused for a long time.

I want to sleep in a safe place as soon as possible! Evil spirits? Come on, curse me! Ha! Damn it!

↑behind the scenes of always smiling song girl . (In a way, this is the most horror)

Frustrated, I quickly went to bed.


Felt forlorn, I opened the curtains. When I looked outside the window, the fresh green trees lining the streets were illuminated by the early summer sun and swayed beautifully in the wind.

The scariest thing in the world is the power of nature and the pressure of an organization... murmur...and the most important thing in the world is a safe bed and positivity...I fell asleep whether or not I realized those things with extreme mentality.

Strangely enough, I don't remember much after that.People may lose their memory when exposed to extreme stress.

Two years and nine months after that, the Great East Japan Earthquake struck.I don't know if the hotel still exists. I forgot even the name of it.

Perhaps they are still rapping at that same place...







The End!!



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