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You can eat Hibiscus flowers

I bought a hibiscus at the flower festival.

- Wow, it's beautiful. If you have this, you'll feel like you're in Okinawa at home...

- That's beautiful. ← A guy whose good at business


I didn't know it at all, but the hibiscus flower closes in about a day after it blooms and falls suddenly. I was surprised when I first saw it.

-Are you enough already?

- Yes, it's enough.

-You are frank, arent the type who cares about small things....

(Daily conversation between me and flowers)


Hibiscus in the moonlight...

I can't help but be moved by the mysterious appearance that will never happen again.



The sound of the bells of Gion Monastery…

strum, pluck (Air-pipa)




The next day, you can quickly blanch the flowers that withered and fell, after adding lemon juice and gum syrup, a health drink familiar to Hawaiians called "hibiscus tea," and I tried it, and it turned out to be really pretty and delicious!


In fact, it is a beautiful ruby color that seems to be used for coloring rosehip tea.


After being blanched, the petals lost their color and turned white...


When I ate it, it was crispy like boiled spinach, again, it was delicious!




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