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"A cat and a jute bag of coffee beans"

Cats like to get into small spaces like paper bags or cat boxes, right?


"A cat and a jute bag of coffee beans"


There were large hemp bean bags at the coffee bean store. "Feel free to take it home."


I got one because I thought Bunji would like it.

You can go inside or scratch your nails.


When I went back and showed it to Bunji,

"Bun, I got you this!"


Just glance at it with one eye, (0.8 sec)


After that, he never saw it again.

"Huh? Hemp bag? What are you talking about? I can't see anything?"

"Eh, Bunji"


Come to think of it, Bunji never came into my futon. Could it be claustrophobia? I thought.

"Come in"

Hmm… no, Im good…


Bunji is from the park, but we don't know much about his behavior until he was one and a half years old when my big sister took him in from a rescue cat group. Was he ever bagged? Did he have a phobia of big bags since then? I don't know now.


Either way, Bunji's flamboyant skill of ignoring was like a big-time politician. "What I can't see doesn't even exist!"


"I'm in trouble if I'm put together with a kid who gets excited with a bag!" by Professor Bunji 

It was an adult-friendly bunji...It would be scary if you were suddenly put in a bag. Let's be careful.

「袋なんかでテンション上がるガキんちょと一緒にされちゃあ、困るんだな!」by ブンジ大先生



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