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All three cats have different ways of caring for their claws

Now, in the middle of the program "Bunji's Story", I suddenly remembered the story of "The difference in how to care for the nails of the three cats".

Tora often took care of her nails.
She bit her nails almost everyday.

Work to pull out the old nail sheath↗︎

You're doing well today too~

Nyami didn't care much. So her toenails were always a little long.

-Nyami-chan, shouldn't you take care of your nails?

-Hmm? ←The type that doesn't pay much attention to appearance

I had never seen Bunji tending to his nails. He sharpened his nails well...on the wall.

Though he used to lick his paws a lot↘︎

hmm, corn was good

Boon, eat clean

I thought that Tora-chan, who was a fashionable beauty, looks like a nail artist.

←Cleaning up after work

Le Petit Tiger


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