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Tora, a former stray cat who was afraid of sticks and has a habit of biting

"Tora, a former stray cat who is afraid of sticks and has a habit of biting"

Violent Tora who bites immediately was scared when she sees sticks.

When Tora saw the stick, she was frightened.

(Broom →)


When she saw stick-shaped objects such as hangers, broomsticks, rolling pins, and belts, she made a face like, "Oh no, I'm going to be beaten," and braced herself.


Even if Nyami and Bunji saw such a thing, they looked normal. It was like, "A stick? So what?"


On the other hand, Tora hurt her leg. I think she must have been hit or kicked by some heartless person. Tora was a cat me and my sister picked up behind the supermarket. Tora, who has a habit of biting, was actually assaulted in the past and had a scar on her heart.


I think that the unreasonable poor person who hit such a cute little Tora was also subjected to unreasonable violence (physical or mental, or both) in the past. And the chain of trauma that continues... I think that's what it is. That's why I wanted to increase the number of kind people, even if just a little. Because it's a world like this, Nekoyamaga is in your heart...
















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