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The tale of Nya-nya, the cat vol. 9

I clearly remember going to Tonden on my way home from New Chitose Airport after returning from America. How happy I was to be in Japan...

Oh no! This is going to be trouble !! Stay tuned! 


A year later, the family returned home.

"Tempura soba for the first time in a while" "I feel relieved..."

"Impressed..." "I wonder Nyanya-chan doing well?"


We went to Auntie's house to pick up Nyanya.

"We'll see Nyanya-chan soon! Isnt it exciting? "


For some reason my mother always sits in the back seat. She says « passenger seat is dangerous »


At her aunt's house, Nyanya was given a high-class canned food called Mon Petit, and to her surprise, she was given snacks such as dried scallops! ! It was a menu that we couldn't think of at all!

"We always have the cheapest cat cans..." Heres your Mon Petit " "Meow" "Come on Nyanya-chan, let's go home early."


And finally, her uncle opened his mouth relunctantly.


"You see, we can't return you Nyanya-chan ."

to be continued




















Oh no! This is going to be truble!



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