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The tale of Nya-nya, the cat vol.5

When I said to an American person from California, "At snack time, there were always a stick of raw celery with peanut butter came out in an American kindergarten, and it blew me away," and she said, "Ah, it must have been there! Yeah. You remember that very well. " Because it was a shock to a Japanese kid. Is that a common snack in the US? I hated celery back then, but I endured it. I was a hard worker to get used to the environment.

During the summer vacation, we had them take care of Nyanya-chan for about a week. Even then, he was really reluctant to say goodbye to her. "Nyako-tan, are you going home already? Why dont you stay for another day?"


My aunt, on the other hand, has no particular affection for cats, and I remember how she burst into laughter when she saw the many photos of Nyanya-chan in our home.

"You take pictures of cats? Hahahahaha."


The day before we left for America, my aunt burst out laughing again when she saw my mother getting tearful eyes when she said goodbye to Nyanya for the last time.

"Do you think cats are cuter than kids? Hahahahahaha"


In this way, I said goodbye to Nyanya-chan for a year.

(Snack time, a stick of raw celery with peanut butter in a paper cup)

"What would make me laugh? If I saw someone taking pictures of it, or if I saw someone who seemed to be having a hard time parting with it when they said goodbye for a year." I've been thinking about it for a while, but maybe it's...a cactus...(Watamaru!!!)














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