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The tale of Nya-nya, the cat vol. 11 (The last one)

Since then, Nyanya-chan lived her 20-year life at her aunt's house while being loved...a cat life.

(The picture; Nyanya waiting for a walk.)


In this world, there are people who like cats and who don't care about them but some people would become like cats. Cats have feelings too. Cats are not toys. Nyanya taught me a lot of things when I was a toddler. I am grateful to my mother for saving Nyanya and to my aunt for taking care of her over the years.


When I saw my aunt who was so fond of Nyanya, I said something to her. A 6-year-old me. You used to make fun of taking pictures of cats before, didnt you?


I can't forget the face of my aunt at that time.

(Slightly embarrassed face.)


The tale of Nyanya

The End.















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