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The Tale of Watamaru the Cactus

Do you think plants have feelings ? I do, recently..


↑mammillaria spinosissima. The language of flowers is "shy maiden".  I didn't know that.  That's nice, Watamaru!

By the way, when I gave it this Promic tablet fertilizer, it got many many flowers. We celebrated with Mexican music.

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I grow a cactus called Watamaru. When I lose my energy, Watamaru blooms. Lately, it has been blooming flowers out of season. (It's usually around the end of March.) Towards the direction of the light... It's always slanted, no matter how much you fix it, it's slanted. Nicknamed "punk guy")


When Bunji died in January, flowers started blooming two days before that, and I thought, "What a whimsical cactus." I'm sorry. You were kind to me...


I thought to myself, "Maybe plants have feelings too, and maybe they care about me." Thank you for everything, like water. Oh,Watamaru-san, what a wonderful flower. Thank you. yes, youre  a bit slanted …


In 20XX (actually I forgot), I fell in love at first sight and bought it on the way back from New Year's visit to Hokkaido Shrine with mother(Im completely not religious, so I didnt wanted to go but my mom loves spirituality). I believe it was about 500 yen. A cactus in the middle of winter..."Oh, it's so cute. I want one."


The origin of the name Watamaru comes from the fact that a flower shop clerk mistakenly wrote "Nishikimaru" as "Watamaru". … my mother insists. "It said Watamaru. It's strange that it doesn't show up in the search."


As a result of the search, Watamaru's real name is "Mammillaria Wata"... ahem "Mammillaria Nishikimaru". I found out that the name is Higher grade than cotton balls(Wata means cotton). Watamaru's image changes one after another... "It's the result of searching." "Call me whatever you want… "


When the Eastern Iburi Earthquake struck on September 6, 2018, it was thrown out of its bowl and left lying on the floor for a week, but it returned to its normal life as if nothing had happened. Watamaru is a tough succulent. It rolled and persevered under the chair. "Oh!? Wata-chan!!!"


After that, it rolled out of the pot several times, was attacked by insects, washed the soil with water, made the pot bigger, and I worked in the park each time.


"Ah, there's Wata-chan lying around again. Because youre slanted... The pot is small." You cant support punks if your pot is small…


Work in a nearby park. "Hey. What are you doing?" Two crows spoke to me. I ignored.


The insect incident. Full of white worms. But its flowers are blooming. "Wow! Wata-chan is in trouble!!!"


Lucky cactus with many ups and downs, Watamaru is doing well today too