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When I took a shower, I decided to keep the water before it became hot water.

the water before it became hot water...

This one!

Water tank, folding,10 L, d11.07 x 10.68 in, 6pks

but I like these water jags.

This one is pretty.

This one, too. My teeth dazzle like an igloo wall, I inhabit, I inhibit y'all〜♪


But after all, this seems to be easy to use to throw water in the washing machine. 10L. It's cheap too...

Save water! How dare you!

-For search--

When I took a shower, the cold water took time to become hot, so some are wasted in the process.


Such a waste...

For the time being, I have decided to store it in the washbasin.
"I saved it, but what are you going to do with it?"
Two washbasins of water!



I have decided to keep it in a kettle.
"Let's use it to water the flower pots."

It's so heavy! "It doesn't feel like you could hold it with one hand."
I gave up.



1.5L empty plastic bottle?
Its good, but the bottle opening is too narrow and difficult to pour water into it.
It requires 2 or 3 bottles.

Water jug from Daiso?
This is so good. It feels like camping.



Easy to put in, easy to hold, and cute to look at.

I put it in the bathroom and use it for brushing my teeth and washing my hands.

But overall, Daiso's folding water tank is the best for me.
If you have two of these, you can easily save 20L water in four days and use them for washing.