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I came up with a new way to save water.

I like saving water. Maybe my previous life was a Kappa. (water imp)

Aiming to become a water-saving master, my water-saving pilgrimage continues...!

Today I bought a book like "Let's draw digital manga with MediBang!". Gogogogogogo......! (Sound of burning fighting spirit) I want to draw a manga digitally, but I don't even know how to divide the panels, so I'll do my best!

Welcome to LINE stickers. When I made this, I told my coworker, "I made a LINE stamp in Dutch," and she looked worried. Nevermind!

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I came up with a new way to save water. Before taking a shower, fill an empty plastic bottle with water before it becomes hot water. About two bottles of 1.5 liters.


Keep it in the bathroom.


After washing your hands by flushing the toilet normally, pour the bottled water into the tank.


However, you don't have to flush the toilet with clean water. A lot of electricity must be used and CO2 must be emitted to make river water drinkable. Are you going to use that clean water for your toilet? Whats going on? "Developed country".


When I used to stay at an eco-friendly hostel in Portland (Oregon, USA), there was a sign in the bathroom. "Our toilet uses rainwater, so the color may be a little brownish. Thank you for your understanding’’ I like it.


A rainwater storage tank would be nice. There are plenty of them on Amazon for around 5000 yen. Large capacity 100 liters.


However, it cannot be used in snowy Hokkaido. It's minus 10 degrees, so the water in the faucet freezes. Only snow is abundant.


So I had an idea. Isn't it eco-friendly if you put melted snow water in the toilet tank? Daiso water jug. Melt the snow in a bucket. I'll give it a try when it snows.


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