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I cut the back of my small sweater and resized to wear once more

A few years ago, after watching the movie "The True Cost" (2015), my attitude towards clothes changed. "People don't know how hard it is to make clothes. They just buy and wear. But the clothes are made of our blood.(Bangladesh seamstress)


So I thought I want to take care of my clothes. I was thinking about how to resize and wear sweaters that have become tight, because I got bigger but..."Hmm, I got bigger... this one can't keep up with my speed... it's no one's fault. murmuring

That's it! All you have to do is cut the back and sew the cloth on!


Just cut it down the middle of the back down to your neck...

and try it on once to see how long it is.


Make a triangular piece of cloth. Felt from a 100-yen shop is fine.

Sew it on and you're done! (Every time I see a pincushion, I remember gentle Watamaru. Distant sky…)


It can also be applied to T-shirts and sweatshirts!

It looks like you can play with a funny design!

The End

The True Cost trailer

 Livia Firth from Eco- Age talking about a garment facory in Dakha, Bangladesh in 2008. She visited there for the expedition to some project in Oxfam.

 オックスファム - Wikipedia

- Only one entrance/exit

All windows have grids. Even if a fire breaks out, you can't escape.

・The quota of 100 clothes per hour

Use the toilet only twice a day

・If you get sick, you will be fired.






"I wanted to share this story with everyone."


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