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15 minutes to make a fluffy shoulder bag from Daiso Drawstring

DIY and, pochette? Sacoche? Shoulder bag? I don't know what it is, but it's a Katakake-kaban! (Tadaaa!)



1.I bought a cute bear pouch at Daiso. Fluffy!

2.It's warm just by holding it. Healing just by touching it. It would be great if you put a hot water bottle in this...

3.That's it! Attach a string and make it a pochette!

4.I took off the string, sewed a 100-yen zipper,


5.Just tied it through the kimono obihimo string! If you roll the fluffy tip of the obihimo around with a masking tape, it will go through the hole easily.

6.For those who are a little embarrassed to have a face on it, you can simply put a string on the back side and it will be a fluffy shoulder bag.

7.When it's cold, put a plastic bottle of hot tea in it to warm your tummy.

8.As a special mention, elementary school students stare at me.

The end

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