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My Budgerigar’s vocal mimicry

Birds are nice. Birds...! (look up at the sky)

Budgerigars are cute. I might want to keep it again. But cats are good too...! Oh what should I do !

I'm almost an elementary school kid when I see this stuffed toy in my house and mutter so.



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My Budgerigars vocal mimicry


I used to have a budgerigar, Piko-chan, who was good at imitating vocal  in everyday sounds.


The sound of peeling onions. (Piko-chan couldn't see the onion being peeled. It was just hearing. )


The sound of cutting cabbage. (Piko-chan's eyes turned black and white when they gets excited.


The sound of running water when washing dishes. (Good, but it was a bit birdy.)


In the morning, Piko-chan heard the sound of my mom scraping running short yogurt with a spoon.


Excited cat meows. (We were often deceived that like:  "Is that a cat or a parakeet?" Bunji in the early days cried like this)


What left an impression on me was that when someone sneezes, "Hakushon! Ah" (Piko-chans most attractive feature was its eyelash)


It copied the sound of a series of actions such as "taking a tissue and blowing nose" in anticipation of the sound before humans do it. "I haven't had it yet. I haven't blown my nose yet. You're a genius."

Genius Piko-chan's Vocal Mimicry Edition ~End


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