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(Old tale) "My older sister started to keep a black cat" part 3

Bunji had been hiding in a box all day.
"Bun-chan... come out, you're hungry, aren't you?"
"I just don't like it"

After playing with the cat toy for about 30 minutes and giving him treats, Bunji quickly became attached to me.  
(Bunji's happy face next to the pillow when we took a nap together)
(Large cats also make loud purring sounds. It sounds more boo-boo than purring.)

After hearing the story, Mr. Sato, who protected Bunji, rushed over with lots of toys and snacks.
"Mom!! I don't like this place. I want to go home. I want to be with you. You came to see me, didn't you?"
“Bun-chan, you can’t embarrass your mother, okay?”

"Mama" in this case seemed to refer to my older sister

However, Sato-san returned home without a hitch. Left alone in a room without sunlight, Bunji despaired. He started peeing on my sister's clothes on the floor.
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