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A cat that asks what you're eating

"A cat that asks what you're eating"

At mealtime, my cat comes to me. They want to check what's on your plate. What are you eating? It smells good."

I would put a milligram or so on my fingertip, brought it to Bunji's nose, and said, "Here. Do you want some?" Whether it was a grain of fried rice or a centimeter of ramen. (Sniff sniff…) Ummm, I don't want this." (I knew you don't want it and I dared you to ask...)

What surprised me until now was that he licked the coconut oil... a little. 'Oh, you lick it? You're an Aristocat, Bunji!"

If it was something he liked, I gave him a little bit. A cat can only eat so much. ‘’Is that squid sashimi? What about mine? I'll have some too!!!’’ ’’ I've got some for Bun-chan, so let's eat it together. I bought some for you, too.’’

.After repeating this, "I bought some for you too, let's eat it together'', he gradually became relieved and stopped fussing. ‘’ Ah, I'm full. I love squid.‘’ ‘’Me too.‘’ I think it's not wrong for them to eat a little bit of delicious food since we have taken away their freedom and locked them up in a room for our own convenience.

For example, if I were staying at some foreigner's house, and I smelled something delicious on the table, and I went up to see what kind of food it was, and they treated me badly, I would be very annoyed. ‘’I wonder what is in that plate... You could at least tell me what it looks like. ‘’

I think I would be satisfied if they asked me,  ‘’Heres for you. It's called Black Pudding. Do you want some? ‘’ "Hmmmmm, I, thank you." That is why I ask even cats. The End


















「あなたの分もあるよ。これはBlack Puddingという料理だよ。こういうものだよ、いる?」と聞いてくれたら、「ははー、ああ、、、なるほど、、、いえ結構です。」と、納得すると思う。だから猫にも一応聞くことにしている。


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