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Bunji and Ginkgo Nuts

I painted Bunji black and I got loney because I miss him very much, so I painted it gray...


In 2021, Bunji watched me roast ginkgo nuts and break the shells by hitting them with a hammer. I ate them right in front of him as I worked. (I was working on the floor because it was noisy)


He made a face that said,  “I'd like to try one, too. Can I have one please?“ He gestured something with his paw. Ginkgo and Bunji's eyes are the same green color.


I said, "Ginkgo is poisonous, so cats can't eat it. I made you want to eat it, sorry. Ginkgotoxin is a neurotoxin. But your eyes are beautiful, the same color as the ginkgo." He might not know , but I tried to explain.


Bunji listened intently. He didnt understand the language very well, but I think that: 

・I was not mean to him

There's the reason why it can't be helped

I respect Bunji

has been conveyed to him with my facial expressions, tone of voice, atmosphere of attitude, etc., perhaps.

A long time ago, when I worked with 7 Germans. They were all tall and I didn't understand German at all, so I was always looking up. To understand the situation by looking at their expressions. (Apparently something went wrong...)

That's why I feel like I understand how cats feel. The domestic cat always looks up and looks at the human expression, so it is said that they have neck strain.


Would you like a snack instead? You like Krispy Kiss, right?"  "Yeah, I'll have some."

"Various people consider each other,and

Cooperating beyond one's standpoint.

It is indispensable for creating a better society.

From the poster inside Komeda's Coffee…

It read: Source: "SDGs Start Book"

内に掲示している「SDGsカード」をご紹介! | KOMEDA COMES TRUE.


I'm getting used to the iPad. I drew it with a touch pen from a 100-yen shop, though!

Fun iPad! (I'm like a person who came from 2010 on the time machine)


LINE stamps

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