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The public bath Mikaho-yu

I think that public baths are an important culture that Japan is proud of. I think the government should subsidize...


The public bath Mikaho-yu, which was founded in 1974, will be out of business by the end of 2022.  There is a bus stop in front of the public bath, and it stops right in front of Kita 18-jo Station, so access is easy. Normally, there is only one bus every hour,but during peak hour, there is one bus every 30 minutes. The last bus is at 20:41 on weekends. The ramen at the nearby restaurant, Bokkai Hanten, is delicious.


You can also shop at the nearby Super Ace. You can buy interesting products from overseas at the Costco corner in the supermarket. I bought flat Chinese vermicelli for 158 yen. I think I'll put it in the hotpot? Ill drink this Canada Dry after bathing.

There's a large old clock in the waiting area. There are lots of bath-related picture books and comics on the TV and on the sofa.


The old massage machine in the dressing room can be used for 20 yen if you ask a staff member. "It's been 50 years since I started healing humans. I think it's about time that I use this time for myself."

The temperature of the water is quite hot.I added water. The bath in the middle is shallow and lukewarm, perfect for children and half-body bathing. The leftmost bathtub is Kusuri-yu, an herb bath.


The faucet has a ♨︎ (hot spring) mark and a character of Tsuru-kame(Crane and turtle) on it. Showa-period-nostalgia drifting throughout the bath house.

It's a pity that this wonderful bath house will be gone in a month. Ladies and gentlemen, please come and visit them. My body was warm all day long. I think this is good for my body. And  Super Ace sold socks for 100 yen. Its convenient.

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