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Reaction of a cat seeing snow for the first time

"Reaction of a cat seeing snow for the first time"

It has snowed. I remember the day Bunji saw snow for the first time.


It must have been November 9th.

Bunji stepped out onto the verandah and looked at the snow fluttering down and backed away.

"Wow, what happened? What kind of phenomenon?"

Then he touched it with his paw. he licked fearfully.


Bunji, accustomed to the snow, began to look outside.

Also, Tora-chan and Nyami-chan were watching the snow fall from the window.


When I was a child, I wondered if some God was shaking powder in the sky. (An image of god and heaven by a Japanese infant)


I wonder if the cats were also wondering and looking at it?


It's a very famous song. Yuki.


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