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My sea memories

When I was a child, my sister once took Tora-chan to the sea. Tora-chan hissed to waves.
"Hissss. (What the hell is this?) "
-Waves are not living creatures Tora-chan hahaha

At the Seattle Aquarium in the United States, a big octopus named Vincent was loved, and I was stunned.
Vincent ~ ← Toddlers who came for an excursion
I wonder what on earth are you thinking about, Vincent...
Jessica from energy slime took me by car saying, "It's only 15 minutes until sunset" The sunset I saw on the beach in Vancouver
``There are a lot of dogs here, so I called it Dog Beach.
unknown dog on a walk. She is a very good person. 
(I wonder if there will be Japan long ahead this?)

"Hey, why don't we go to the rumored Atami."  M- chan said, and we sat on the Atamai Sun Beach to see a sunrise 
"Is there Vancouver far ahead?"
"Yes, I suppose..."
The Great Pacific Ocean ...
Yes, the sea is full of stories (roman)...






Vincent ~ 遠足に来た幼児たち



energy slime(エナジースライム)のジェシカが 「日の入りまであと15分よ」と車飛ばして連れてってくれたバンクーバーのビーチで見た夕日