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I lived without a washing machine for a month (Part 1)

I thought I couldn't do laundry without a washing machine.
"What are you talking about, really?"
(People in the past didn't wear rubber gloves, so their hands must have been rough.)

I have temporarily stayed in a place without a washing machine, but going to a laundromat is quite expensive. Besides, it's annoying.

I don't know who washed what last time

The awkwardness of waiting for drying near an unfamiliar old man at night

"Oh, 7 more minutes... I wish I had been at the convenience store more..."

If you move between hotels every day, you need a dryer,

← Somehow I devised and dried it near the air conditioner

・Wrinkles are OK
・Easy to dry
・Clothes made of light materials

"I wonder if it will dry in 9 hours. I wonder if it's impossible."

If you dry it on the balcony at night, it will be dry by the evening of the next day if the weather is fine. Even when it's very wet.
I realized that, so I tried "life without washing machine" for about a month.

“What an eco-friendly thing (exclamation) And there is no electricity bill!













Oh, あと7分かもっとコンビニいればよかった