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(Old tale) "My older sister started to keep a black cat" part 11

One day, about ten years after Bunji moved to Hokkaido, I found a small park while walking near Sakuragaoka in Shibuya.
There were a few cats in a little green space too small to be called a park.
"Wow, it's a cat" ← I missed cats


One of them, a female cat, snuggled up to me. I didn't have any food, but the cat just seemed to want to be stroked by humans.
(She is very thin and staggered due to malnutrition.)
When I stroked it, my hand became intensely itchy.


"My apartment doesn't allow pets," I thought, and then I left. After a while, I regretted it.
"I should have forced her to my house, bathed her, fed her, taken her to the hospital, and called the rescue cat organization..."


"But where was the park near the Shibuya Cultural Center where Bunji was?"
"In a park near the Shibuya Cultural Center...he dug up a flowerpot at a sushi restaurant..." (Mrs. Sato, who protected Bunji)
“A cultural center in Shibuya? Is there such a place? Where the hell is it? ...Eh? Shibuya Bunka Center means Shibuya Planetarium?“


"Ah! Maybe that park is where Bunji was born!"
・Shibuya Planetarium nearby
・There is a Japanese restaurant (sushi?) across the street.
Kitten bunji (image)

Bunji was watching Shibuya's fashionable people enjoying sushi and sake night after night in that park...!!

to be continued.