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(Old tale) "My older sister started to keep a black cat" part 1

(Old tale) "My older sister started to keep a black cat".

Well, Bunji is from a park in Shibuya. How did Bunji end up in Hokkaido?


I read!

Bunji was rescued by a rescue cat group in a park near the Shibuya Bunka Center in Tokyo. He was reported for digging up soil in a sushi restaurant's flowerpot. (Eyes with a certain strong will)

 Named BUNJI
(Mrs. Sato, a godmother and rescue cat volunteer
Reason: Because it's a cultural center, bunka center)

*The habit of digging continued for a while after coming to our house.

After spending nearly a year at a cat shelter in Sangenjaya, he was adopted by my older sister, who lives in a manga mecca near Ikebukuro.

"I got it because he looked lonely in the corner"

She  went out of her way moved to get a cat.


The room of my older sister, a new member of society who lives alone, was small, dark, and lacked sunlight. Since it was on the first floor, the curtains were always closed.

Then, two days after arriving at my sister's apartment, Bunji suddenly disappeared.
Leave the food and water alone...


to be continued



It doesn't matter, but when I watched this video recently, I was healed by the cuteness of the cats. A BBC program where you attach a camera to your cat and have them take pictures of you walking around your house. "The cats in the neighborhood share the same territory, take turns taking walks, and avoid useless fights," I laughed so hard. You can watch it on Amazon Prime. Highly recommended.

 The Secret Life of the Cat (japanese dubbing version)

密着! ネコの一週間 (吹替版)