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The morning Bunji died

This comic is a little sad. I drew a memory from the morning when Bunji died. If you are likely to remember sad memories, it may be better not to read...


The next morning my mother took him to his last pee and put him to bed in front of the stove. Bun-chan, who passed away soon after, was in a peaceful sleeping position.

"You're big, so the box is tight. Bun-chan."


I put him in the mandarin orange box once, but I regretted it so I took him out again and put him on the futon and towel.

"He looks like he's sleeping."


There were two days until cremation, so I decided to put Bun-chan in the coldest entryway. For two days, I went to stroke many times.

"Black cat's face can't be seen well in the dark..."


I made a model of his hand in clay, painted his paws, pressed them down on construction paper, and stroked his tail and face. Goodbye, Bun-chan's tail, ears, nose, whiskers, mane, and foot. good bye.


The best things to have are light clay from a 100-yen shop, drawing paper, and paints to make the shape of a paw.

The clay should not be too hard, not too powdery, and not too hard when you touch it. Even now, I occasionally touch Bun-chan's paw-shaped hand. The paw print is displayed on the shelf along with Bunji's favorite sheep mascot.



I've lost three cats so far, but (all of them were brought by my sister) It's always very sad to say goodbye to them...

Cats are cute, but when they say goodbye forever, it's pretty hard.
















今まで3匹の猫ちゃんを見送ったけど、(全部姉が連れてきた猫) 猫ちゃんとのお別れは、いつもとても悲しいですね